A kid from the hood that has started a social media account to document and share his life of fishing and building. He aims to create a household brand for himself by sharing his experiences with others online. Through his social media account, he will log and document his journey and build a following who are interested in his lifestyle. By doing so, he hopes to inspire others who comes from similar backgrounds to pursue their passions and create their own success stories.

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My goal is to become a professional fisherman and to share my passion for fishing with people. Becoming a professional fisherman involves dedication, hard work, and perseverance. You may need to hone your fishing skills, participate in competitions, and build a reputation in the fishing community. Along the way, you can share your knowledge and experiences with others to help them develop a love for fishing. By teaching them the joys of fishing, you may inspire them to become future fishermen and continue to grow the fishing community.

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